Villa in the Palms

7500 sq.ft. Single Residence

Where Art meets Nature

Internationally celebrated for its harmonious dance with nature, the 7500-square-foot 5-suite Villa in the Palms isn't your average residence. Here, architecture and the environment groove in perfect harmony – a nod to conscious design achieved without felling a single tree on the property.

The architects behind this masterpiece wanted to craft a narrative. Exposed laterite stone walls stand tall and proud, their weathered texture a testament to time. Even the wooden screens, crafted from century-old teak, carry hums of the past, their recycled beauty a celebration of heritage. The surrounding landscape echoes this dedication to authenticity. The dense greenery features an abundance of local palm varieties, their vibrant tapestry flourishing year-round. Here, every detail, from the materials to the flora, sings a harmonious melody.

Award-Winning Design

Private Chef & In-House Hostess

Serene Field Views

Infinity Pool

24x7 Security


Nestled in Sangolda, Goa, Villa in the Palms is an architectural marvel and has garnered international acclaim, including the International Property Award for Best Single Residence in Asia Pacific, the Architecture MasterPrize, and recognition by Arch Daily - the architecture world's "Bible" - as one of the top 80 homes globally (one of just two from India!). Today, this abode welcomes discerning travellers seeking an experience beyond mainstream luxury.

Imagine unwinding in a heated jacuzzi beneath a canopy of stars, indulging in culinary creations prepared by your personal chef, or exploring hidden gems with the guidance of your in-house hostess. Every aspect, from the bespoke furniture to the breathtaking views, speaks of Villa in the Palms' commitment to unparalleled comfort.




Outdoor Bar


100% Power Back-up

Fully Air Conditioned

Deck Lounge

Coffee Machine

Tropical Rain Shower

House Keeping

Hot & Cold Jacuzzi

Fully equipped kitchen


Alfresco Dining

Chauffeur driven cars

24-hr check-in