Anokha, derived from the Hindi word meaning "one-of-a-kind," was founded by Marisha Dutt and Steven Gutkin, a dynamic couple with a passion for creating exceptional homes. With extensive experience in building, renovating, buying, and selling homes across Goa, Jerusalem, and Atlanta, they have left an indelible mark on the world of real estate. Their magnum opus, Villa in the Palms, is evidence of their vision and expertise, garnering accolades as one of the world's finest homes.

Steven's family legacy in real estate development, dating back to the 1930s in Arizona, underscores his deep-rooted connection to the industry. His career, a plot twist worthy of a headline, has taken him from the Associated Press newsroom to building award-winning homes. Learn more about his remarkable journey here. From Taliban Bombs to Coconut Palms




Anokha Sands, our dedicated rental management arm, extends the Anokha experience to discerning travellers. With our rentals, we're unlocking the doors to our exquisite properties, meticulously curating bespoke experiences for an unforgettable Goan escape. Explore our collection of luxury rentals and discover the perfect sanctuary for your dream vacation.